Cainan Townsend: Moton Museum will be making history again

Published 12:00 pm Friday, January 12, 2024

Happy New Year from the Moton Museum. As 2023 ended, we had much to be grateful for. Now the year 2024 brings many things to look forward to and many ways to engage with all of us. 

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision. Additionally it is the 65th anniversary of the Prince Edward County School Closures, the 60th anniversary of the Griffin v. Prince Edward County case. The building the museum is housed in turns 85 this year, and 2024 also marks the 60th anniversary of the Civil Right Act of 1964. 

All of this to say we have an exciting year ahead. During this year we will likely see the erection of the Barbara Rose Johns statue in Statuary Hall in Washington D.C., currently set for this coming spring. We hope to have updates on that soon. We also hope to offer some updates soon on UNESCO World Heritage status as well. 

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February is Black History Month. Get your guided tour or program scheduled soon as we fill out quickly in this month. Stay tuned for program announcements for February. 

In March, our Moton Community Prayer Breakfast is scheduled to return. Additionally we will announce soon our speaker for the annual C.G. Gordon Moss Lecture. 

Our fourth annual Moton LIVE day of giving is coming soon. Last year, Moton Live raised more than $20,000, contributing to numerous projects and elevating our engagement in initiatives that better our community, such as offering free educational materials to K-12 schools. This year, Moton Live seeks to expand its reach and engage more supporters than ever during the event’s 24-hour giving campaign. 

On April 27, 2024, the Moton Museum will be making history again with our fourth annual massive community fundraising celebration. We invite you to join us for a combination of in-person and virtual events. Help support our mission of constructively interpreting the history of civil rights in education and promoting dialogue that ensures empowerment within a constitutional democracy. 

We can bring this preview to a conclusion by saying in the coming months we will also share some big news about Juneteenth 2024. 

We hope you will stay up to date on the happenings at Moton via our website and social media channels. If you are interested in getting involved with volunteering or our programs please contact us at the museum. 

CAINAN TOWNSEND is the executive director of the Moton Museum. He can be reached at