Grateful Boomers take a trip to Cornelius Creek

Published 5:17 pm Tuesday, December 26, 2023

If you feel like the forest doesn’t have much scenery to offer after wildflowers have gone dormant and leaves have fallen from the trees, the Grateful Boomers have an alternative solution. The group this past week tackled a 5.6 mile hike in Botetourt County, heading from Cornelius Creek to Apple Orchard Falls. 

Mountain laurel, rhododendron, mosses, Hollies and streams cover almost the entire hike, and a dusting of snow made this hike a 10/10 for scenery, group members said. 

“We descended the Cornelius Creek Trail first, saving the most difficult and the most spectacular part of the hike for last,” said group member Katherine Brooks. “The view of Apple Orchard Falls from a bench on a bridge was the perfect ending to a great workout. With an elevation gain of 1,584 feet, we would agree that this is a challenging hike.” 

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If you’re wondering who the Grateful Boomers are, they’re a group of friends from Buckingham County, all over the age of 60, who want to enrich their lives through both meaningful friendships and challenging outdoor adventures. 

They believe that aging gratefully with a high level of curiosity about everything, will create the best environment to remain mentally and physically active. Collectively, the group’s interests run from biking to hiking, kayaking and photography to reading, knitting, gardening and travel. They hope that by sharing their adventures, the group will inspire others to do the same.