Walk for Education raises money for Cumberland schools

Published 6:06 pm Saturday, November 18, 2023

How do you help Cumberland schools raise money and get exercise at the same time? You take a walk. The numbers have come in from Cumberland County’s annual Walk for Education, with more than $1300 raised in total.

Walk for Education

Grace Meinhard, shown here, raised the most individual money at Cumberland Elementary as part of the Walk 4 Education.

The Cumberland County Public School Foundation held its annual Walk for Education the first Friday in October. All three schools participated, with Cumberland High bringing in a total of $259.50, Cumberland Middle School adding $700.16 and Cumberland Elementary raising $391.70. That adds up to a total of $1,351.36. 

“Money raised from the Walk will go to provide teacher grants,” said Barbara Gamage, coordinator of this year’s event for Cumberland schools. “(It goes) to those teachers who submit an application for projects they would like to have for their classrooms that are not funded by the school board.”

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RaRon Gregory earned first place at the middle school, with Alaina Coleman coming in second and Roger Jamerson finishing third. They all received vouchers for free ice cream and their homeroom also received free ice cream. The top student at the elementary school, meanwhile, was fourth grader Grace Meinhard, who raised $200. This makes two years in a row that Meinhard has raised the most individually at the elementary school. Meinhard was part of Mrs. Dickstein’s class, which raised the most money collectively at Cumberland Elementary. As a result, the group received $100 as a reward to get something for their classroom. 

(Photos by Emily Overstreet)

Walk for Education

Walk for Education