Tom Noehren: It’s Kennedy for me

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Tom Noehren

Tom Noehren

Sixty years ago, in November of 1963, President John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas and succeeded by his Vice President, Lyndon Johnson. Five years later, his brother, Bobby Kennedy, was murdered in Los Angeles, California in June of 1968 while campaigning against the same Lyndon Johnson, still President, for the nomination of the Democratic party, an inter-party challenge the likes of which had not happened since 1856 and which shockingly caused Johnson to step aside. 

Months ago, Bobby Kennedy’s son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a lifelong Democrat, declared his intentions to challenge President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination to that office just like his father challenged Johnson in 1968. President Biden and the Democratic National Committee immediately declared there would be no debates and assured there wouldn’t be a Democratic primary election by blocking ballot access in every state, actions true to the spirit of a free society and which are shining examples of an administration confident in its performance speaking for itself. 

Because of the corrupt and authoritarian actions of the President and the DNC, Kennedy declared recently that he will now run as an Independent and is, according to this last week’s Quinnipiac poll, currently polling at 22% nationally against President Biden’s 39% and former President Trump’s 36%. 

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But you might not have heard he’s running, which is not surprising given that the astronomically and overwhelming majority of media is owned by the same donors who buy the Republican and Democrats which dominate the current government. He has been smeared by former President Trump, President Biden and other Democrats, but only after declaring himself a candidate that is. You can research his actual words yourself, this is not an article in defense against falsehoods created by those who would deceive. 

Kennedy’s entire platform is two simple and forgotten facts; the two-party system is destroying everything we love and we are all Americans, we agree much more than the false system of greed and fear mongering would have you believe. It is time to change America forever and not look back. 

This is an opportunity rarely seen in our republic. We can abandon the system of fear and illusions presented to us by the false system of divisions which uses us to become rich. Those who rule us through a corrupt and bifurcated bureaucratic authoritarianism, dressed as a republic and funded from the top down by the same few groups of financial interest, fear that. If you listen to him speak, you’ll immediately know why. 

We don’t have to agree on everything. We shouldn’t agree on everything. But we can no longer exist as Democrats and Republicans. Let the politicians have their parties, their divisions and their lies. We are all Americans. The election is a year away, but there is much work to be done before then. Tell your friends and tell your families, tell everyone you know – a change is coming. Vote for Bobby Kennedy. 

TOM NOEHREN is a resident of Farmville and can be reached at