Buckingham residents get help from Ring Dog Rescue

Published 1:22 pm Wednesday, November 29, 2023

For Buckingham pet owners there aren’t many options when it comes to getting pets the care they need at an affordable price. Fortunately, Ring Dog Rescue is looking to help out. 

Ring Dog Rescue is a nonprofit pitbull rescue located out of Richmond and is looking to help Buckingham pet owners. The organization has worked for the past 20 years to help foster and rehome pit bulls across the state. Now, they are working to help Buckingham residents by offsetting the cost of veterinary care. 

Tonya Irizarry, director of Ring Dog Rescue, started a GoFundMe to help out as there is a lack of low-cost vets near Buckingham as many have to go up to Richmond. With high costs for services like spay and neutering, this means that more animals are born which either costs the owners more money to take care of or fills up local shelters even more. 

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“It can cost over $300 to neuter, which if someone is adopting from a shelter they probably don’t have the money to do that,” said Irizarry. “We want to help offset that cost.” 


Ring Dog Rescue is already working with Slate River Veterinary Clinic to cover half of the costs for these services. They especially want to help with spays and neuters as well as help with rehomes to good pet owners. Every penny received from the GoFundMe will go back to the animals in Buckingham County as the rescue is already doing work there. 

Other work they are doing in Buckingham as Ring Dog Rescue is helping the animal shelter in Buckingham. According to Irizarry, the Buckingham Shelter is a small rural shelter that on average has 25 dogs at any given time and sometimes has to double the kennels, which is dangerous. They’ve helped by installing a 10x10x6 kennel and spreading the word about adopting through signs and social media. 

The main focus is being proactive in spaying and neutering as shelters are already overrun. According to Irizarry, in 2022 the Buckingham shelter had 460 dogs with half being owner surrenders. Only 35 were adopted with 255 going to a rescue and 75 of them being euthanized due to lack of space. 

“All shelters and rescues are in crisis right now,” said Irizarry. “We will continue to have this problem unless we get to the root of the problem. People want to spay and neuter, they just don’t have the money.” 

Every little bit donated to the GoFundMe can help. Giving only $10 or $15 can help pay for one vaccination so those interested in giving are encouraged to give whatever they can. Make a donation at tinyurl.com/BuckVetGoFundMe.