Letter to the Editor: My thoughts on the election

Published 5:47 pm Friday, November 3, 2023

Dear Editor, 

As with every November, it’s election time in Virginia. That’s right, one of the only states that constantly and routinely bogs its citizenry down with an overload of campaign ads. Most are misleading or with just enough truth that the candidates can say “it wasn’t me”.

Perhaps it’s the disrespect those in public office show the people they represent, or maybe it’s the partisan bickering and concentrating on things that’s not beneficial to the Citizen Majority. This year seems no different.

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In Prince Edward alone I see boundaries set by race and political lines. That’s right I said political and racial. There’s no “Conservative” or “Progressive” stances to see here. And the fact is it wouldn’t matter if there were, because All offices and positions have their own rules, regulations and requirements, set forth by the Virginia State Constitution.

Countywide Offices:

Commonwealth Attorney Megan Clarke again gains my support as she has handled the business of our Criminal Prosecution and protection well and with the honor and dignity required.

Commissioner of the Revenue Edna Goldman wins my respect. The newcomer, who’s not really new at all as she served under both Beverly Booth and Goldman, leaves us, now to return at the full expense and support of the County’s Republican Party, pointing out that Mrs. Goldman is behind on her reports, yet failing to mention her reports aren’t as behind as her predecessors, or why she hadn’t hung in there to help bring them current.

For sheriff, I have to go with Robert Goldman, recently retired Lieutenant P.E. Sheriff Deputy with 23 consecutive years in all areas of law enforcement. Though I vigorously supported Sheriff Epps in the last election, with three botched investigations, two here in Rice and another in Prospect, I have never been so let down by law enforcement in my life.

For treasurer, Donna Bowman Nunnally. 

For the Board of Supervisor Lockett District, I’m going to stick with Victor Bill Jenkins. In the almost 19 years living here, Bill and his whole family has always done right by me, and has always seen us as their neighbors. As for O Rex Williams, though a minister whose church is located in Rice, and I’m thankful for how they, during Covid, opened the doors of their church to funeralize our cousins, he was approached to run by Republicans and those who were upset with Bill Jenkins about the Confederate flag. He says he’s a voice for the people, but what voice and for which people?

As for State Delegate and Senate, Rice in 2024 begins a new district and I have no idea of who our selections are. I and many of us feel like we were cut out of being a part of Prince Edward as a whole, without input and for partisan political reasons.

These are my picks, and all my reasons which can be backed up and verified, and The Farmville Herald nor any other news periodicals can not be held responsible nor liable.

Kenneth Wayne Jackson