Letter to the editor: ‘A call to action’

Published 12:24 pm Friday, November 17, 2023

Dear Editor, 

As I write this, votes are being tallied and winners announced. It appears that the Democrats have taken back the House and kept the Senate; by what margin, I don’t know but I am thrilled. I congratulate all the Democrats who won their election and re-election and encourage them to not wait until next time to get done what needs to be done now, such as repealing right-to-work and Article I, Section 15-A (the marriage amendment), of the Constitution of Virginia and reaffirming the minimum wage increase to $15. 

I won’t mince words; many Democratic candidates were met with unusual circumstances caused by members of their own Party and were kept off the ballot. To use a popular expression: if you know, you know. I didn’t let being kept off the ballot, through no fault of my own, stop me from campaigning as a write-in candidate. The people of Senate District 9 deserve to have a choice on the ballot and I gave them a choice. 

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This is not a letter of sour grapes. I knew a win for me was a long shot but I had to continue to fight for the people, for the 337 who signed my petitions to get my name on the ballot, for those who supported me from the beginning, and for those who yearn for a representative who will work to support them. 

I appreciate all the support and votes I received and encourage everyone to keep fighting to get the representative they deserve. Don’t give up hope, keep voting in every election – Virginia has elections every year – because it is the only way to bring about  good change. Next year, I am voting for President Biden and for the Democrat who challenges Bob Good (R), the 5th Congressional District Representative. 

Trudy Berry

Green Bay