Middle school students inducted into honor society

Published 11:08 am Sunday, October 8, 2023

Prince Edward Middle School inducted 15 eighth grade students to the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) late last month.

School officials said these young scholars demonstrated unwavering commitment to academic excellence, leadership, service, character, and citizenship during their 7th-grade year. The induction ceremony took place on Monday, Sept. 25 at Prince Edward County Middle School and was attended by students, families, faculty, and esteemed guests.

To qualify for induction into the NJHS, students received eligibility letters and completed an application process that showcased their adherence to the five pillars of the society: scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.

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The induction ceremony was a momentous occasion, featuring various speakers who elaborated on each of the five pillars. Angel Williams, NJHS President, warmly welcomed the inductees and guests, setting a positive tone for the event. Owen Wears, the Vice President of NJHS, provided insights into the society’s values and mission.

KwaNaysha Early spoke about scholarship, emphasizing the importance of academic achievement as the foundation of success. Dominic Blakeney emphasized the significance of service, highlighting the positive impact students can make in their communities. Scarlett Jenkins shared her thoughts on leadership and how it can shape a brighter future. Jaden Love discussed the pillar of character, emphasizing the importance of integrity. Lillian McCabe emphasized the vital role of citizenship in building a harmonious society.

Mrs. Clark-Reed, Principal of PECMS, along with Mrs. Runion-Weaver, Assistant Principal, and Mr. Wolf, NJHS advisor, presented certificates to the newly inducted members, symbolizing their commitment to upholding the values of NJHS. Mrs. Clark-Reed also delivered closing remarks, expressing her pride in the achievements of these outstanding students and her confidence in their future contributions to society.

The following students were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society:

Benjamin Bauer

Dominic Blakeney

KwaNaysha Early

Jonathan Hancock

Scarlett Jenkins

Lauren Johnson

Alistair Leake

Jaden Love

Lillian McCabe

Tevin VanRomndt

Owen Wears

Angel Williams

Antawn Williams

Benjamin Williams

Lukas Wright