Letter to the Editor: Why I support Sheriff Tony Epps

Published 5:30 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Dear Editor, 

An article a month or so ago in The Farmville Herald stated that detectives from local law enforcement agencies, under the direction of Sheriff Tony Epps, Sheriff Darrell Hodges, and Farmville Police Chief Andy Ellington carried out a joint narcotics investigation that seized many stolen guns, as well as a large quantity of drugs. 

I must admit that I was stunned to learn that Virginia is an exporter of about 15% of the stolen guns used in crimes in the state of New York. Many of those stolen guns end up in the hands of teenagers and young adults who are looking for ways to rob and or harm many of us. 

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All citizens living in Cumberland, Prince Edward and the Town of Farmville need to be thankful for the excellent law enforcement agencies that serve us as well as the leadership within each. 

As for Prince Edward County, Sheriff Tony Epps has demonstrated time and time again his dedication to protecting all citizens from those who want to harm or hurt them. 

When considering the safety and protection of our families, there is no room for second best. Sheriff Epps represents the absolute best choice for election as Sheriff of Prince Edward County. 

George McKain