Letter to the Editor: Why I support Peter Gur

Published 12:30 pm Thursday, October 5, 2023

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter to support the candidacy of Dr. Peter Gur for the District 1 seat on the Board of Supervisors. Dr. Gur has a long history of community service, having served on both the School Board and the Board of Supervisors. Dr. Gur received a Ph.D. in chemistry from Michigan State University in 1987, a Master’s Degree in Education from the Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000, and a Master of Art in Physics Education from the University of Virginia in 2007. He taught chemistry and physics at the Governor’s School of Southside Virginia and the dual enrollment classes at Southside Virginia Community College as an Adjunct Associate Professor. With public education being a primary issue in Prince Edward County, it is important to have as many members of the board as possible with experience in that field. Dr. Gur would join Dr. Odessa Pride on the board as a former educator and advocate for our public schools. Present and former Board of Supervisors members have been mightily impressed with Dr. Gur’s previous service, especially his deep research into local issues affecting the county. I very much hope that my fellow residents of District 1 will vote for the educated, experienced and seasoned candidate, Dr. Peter Gur.

William Shear

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