Letter to the Editor: Professor Arieti would serve Prince Edward well

Published 6:35 pm Sunday, October 15, 2023

Dear Editor, 

I recently returned to Farmville to attend a memorial service for my neighbor who I lived next to in Hampden Sydney for 30 years. While visiting I became aware that James Arieti, a retired Hampden-Sydney College Classics professor for over forty years, is a candidate to serve on the Prince Edward County School Board. I moved to Prince Edward County from Pennsylvania with my wife, Dr. E. Marie Hooper and daughter, Lauren Marie, in 1986. While living in Prince Edward, my family became acquainted with Professor Arieti, his wife, Barbara, a retired Prince Edward County school guidance counselor, and their two children, Sam and Ruthie, both graduates of Prince Edward High School. Dr. Arieti has had a longstanding interest in the vitality and effectiveness of the Prince Edward County Public School District. In fact, he and I were candidates at the same time to represent the Hampden District on the Prince Edward County School Board some years ago. The third candidate was selected by the Board of Supervisors. I returned to Pennsylvania in 2015 but I still care about the Prince Edward County community. I know that Professor Arieti would serve the Prince Edward County School District very well and I strongly endorse his candidacy.

Pierre Jackson

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Chambersburg, Pennsylvania