Letter to the Editor: Good news for a change!

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, October 5, 2023

Dear Editor,

Good news for a change! Fox News just published an article stating that fishing (for fish that is) is not just great sport, but good for mental health – not to mention it makes men (and they did state “men”) much smarter (positive “cognitive benefits”). So being an avid fisherman – and being a “man” – one can only imagine what can be done with all this new information. The first thing – sit down and discuss the entire issue with the wife. “Here it is, dear, in black and white, published for the entire world to read – the real reason for taking time off from my daily chores! And, further, dear, you can now understand why I am such an intelligent person!” As usual, Linda smiles and sends me to the landfill with the day’s trash – together with my Fox News article. She just doesn’t get it!!

Peter Kapuscinski

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