Letter to the Editor: You have to put some effort in

Published 10:56 am Thursday, September 28, 2023

 Dear Editor, 

I think it’s sad more candidates weren’t at the NAACP forum this past week. Out of all the supervisor candidates running, you just have two show up? And credit to Mrs. Cooper-Jones and Dr. Pride. To my knowledge, both of those ladies are running unopposed. They could easily have just stayed home and still likely won this November. And yet, they didn’t. They showed up. I find it sad others don’t have the same determination. 

This is one thing I want to say loud and clear, because it doesn’t seem like some people understand it. Running for office isn’t a game. It’s not cute, it’s very time consuming if you do it right. But how you run for office also tells us a lot about how you would handle things once elected. Do you truly believe I can trust you to handle multi-million dollar budgets when you are nowhere to be seen for a simple candidate forum? How can I trust you to make the right choices and show up once elected, if you can’t show up while you’re running? I know, some folks just assume they have the vote wrapped up and don’t feel the need to communicate, to reach out to their fellow residents. Maybe it’s time some of us changed our vote, to reflect what’s happening now. 

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Paul Xavier 

Prince Edward County