Letter to the editor: Let’s talk about the comprehensive plan

Published 6:04 pm Thursday, September 7, 2023

Dear Editor, 

I appreciate the interest you show in Buckingham. We have been involved in a lot of rhetoric on a lot of issues over the past year or so, and we continue to go back and forth on most of the subject matter. Right now, the Planning Commission is turning their attention to the future of our County and is actively updating and renewing the Comprehensive Plan for Buckingham residents. 

In doing so, a survey is available for residents to take to help the County understand what folks would like to see for the economic and social development of the County. This is an opportunity for all residents to be heard. 

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Participation at the Planning Commission meetings as well as the Board of Supervisors meeting has been, in my view, remarkably good. And there are a number of folks who follow both groups on their computers. Some of those in attendance are vocal at meetings, and some write to indicate what is on their mind. But this survey is an opportunity for everyone to voice their views, and for those residents who have an interest in their County, in my opinion, this is a perfect vehicle to get their views out front and considered. 

The survey will be announced in the Herald. It is currently available in paper form at the County building and will be at a number of other locations throughout the area, those locations to be announced shortly. 

There is also the availability for folks to submit their answers online and that can be done by accessing the form on Buckingham County’s website and following the directions from there. Folks can also ask for help from the County Administrator or Zoning Administrator, or by contacting one of the planning commissioners in Buckingham. The County is allowing folks to take the survey and submit it up until October 6. So, there is time enough for folks to read it, then consider and submit their answers.

As a resident, it is important for me to know what my neighbors think about our County and what direction they want to take in developing it. As a planning commissioner, it is my opinion that the Commission has to know this before formulating actions that are recommended to our Board of Supervisors allowing land use projects to proceed. For anyone who considers their future to be the future of our County, this survey is important. 

As a resident, and as a planning commissioner, I hope everyone will make time to take the survey and submit the survey to the County as soon as they can. 

 Pete Kapuscinski