Letter to the Editor: Healthcare is just disease management

Published 7:22 pm Friday, September 1, 2023

Dear Editor, 

I recall, back in the early 1960s, then president Eisenhower coined the term, the military industrial complex, an expression that gained wings to describe, to identify, the burgeoning, out of control, military and defense industry expansion – it’s bombs and bullets or bust.

Now, moving forward in time, we can elaborate further by applying the same mindset to the burgeoning, out of control, medical industrial complex, or, the medical mafia, my term, along with the “marriage made in money” direct connection with the burgeoning, out of control, big pharma complex closely allied with the medical mafia, both marching in lockstep for as much power and control and profit that can be extracted from the vast market of millions of potential human prospects, the unwitting public.

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That is, for example, people falling for clever, cute and deceptively misleading advertising practices, like – talk to your doctor – ask your doctor – if such and such pill or treatment is right for you, because you can’t take meds and treatment without the willing doctors writing millions and millions of prescriptions, thus saturating your body and system with powerful chemistry lab concoctions, all with such common side effects as death and organ destruction, lovely. The medical mafia and big pharma’s number one main concern and priority is keeping everyone on meds and the medical treadmill, “gotcha,” for life.

From all this, it is quite easy and clear to see that the USA does not have a health care system. Rather, instead, the USA has a disease management system. Why? Quite simply, there is NO profit in healthy people for the medical mafia and big pharma, that is, the medical industrial complex.

Now I must, in all fairness, add a word here for the true medical and health care practitioners whose number one concern is for the patient’s welfare and safety, however, they are hopelessly caught up in the mega-system, their hands are tied and they cannot change it, but go along with it, and many are, as result, leaving the system due to over-stressful conditions and long work hours, a thankless job. Bottom line, stay healthy.

Ronald Card