Letter to the Editor: What’s the A.I. fear about?

Published 1:17 am Wednesday, August 2, 2023

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Dear Editor, 

It appears that continuing misleading and confusing A.I. claims are being aimed at and touted by the uninformed and gullible. People are being scared into believing that A.I. will soon run the world or destroy it.

Behind A.I. there is conscious energy that creatively programs A.I.’s memory banks, no matter A.I.’s mechanical means of expression; human programming that renders A.I. an effective and useful tool that can aid and augment human intelligence.

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However, no amount of applied conscious energy in A.I.’s programming will ever result in A.I. becoming imbued, impregnated, injected, with self-cognitive, creative conscious energy. There is no link, no interface, existing between A.I. and conscious energy, as A.I. is not alive and it cannot create.

Ron Card