Letter to the Editor: Tired of predictions

Published 9:01 pm Friday, August 4, 2023

Dear Editor,

Enough with battering us with climate doomsday predictions. The Left continually propagates the myth of climate change. The myth is not that the climate changes, because we have historical data that it does. There have always been periods of cooling and warming. Many factors are involved, and we are not one of them. Consider solar variability, the position of the magnetic poles, variations in earth’s orbit, vulcanism, ocean currents and atmospheric circulation.

You cannot start the clock in the year 1850. The kittle ice age ended, and temperatures have been naturally warming and continue to do so. We need to look back at least 800,000 years to see the fluctuations.

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CO2 is only .04% of the atmosphere. If we sub standardize our lives and eat bugs and freeze in winter and swelter in summer, if we give up our ability to move at will in vehicles that we can afford, if we sit in darkness because alternate energy cannot support the electric grid, the net effect would reduce CO2 by

.001%, not enough to make any difference at all.

Oceans contain 95% of CO2 and we cannot control what oceans do.

Lucy Klaus