Let’s focus on what happens here, not in New York

Published 12:03 pm Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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Dear Editor,

You can always tell someone’s priorities by what they’re talking or not talking about. They don’t say anything about real local issues, nothing about the problems that actually matter here day to day. Instead, they get all worked up over state stuff, stuff in Washington or stuff someone who’s never stepped one foot in Prince Edward County said on television. And then they absolutely lose their mind, like somehow just because a talking head in California or New York says it, there’s reason to panic here in the middle of Virginia.

I don’t see many policies here fighting for open borders, abortion or any of that. Socialism, communism or any of the other big isms aren’t a problem here either. And yet, it’s all some folks will ever talk about. It’s clear they don’t care about our actual home, just freaking out over the latest “thing to panic about” that they see on tv.

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Reading Mr. Carlton’s editorial drove that point home for me. How the heck do you have more than 16,000 people in Buckingham just up and shrug when asked what they want to happen in their county? “What do you want? How can we make things better?” Those shouldn’t be controversial questions to ask. Lord knows people will pack out a place if you mention a word about abortion, this truly bizarre Prince Edward policy about flags or some big national cause. Sorry supervisors, when it comes to flags, you brought that all on yourself. But again, mention something about planning ahead or this area’s future and most folks could care less. Do you just not think anything will happen to your home?

So now it’s about time for Prince Edward to start all this planning for the future, as they update the comprehensive plan. When meetings are scheduled, we all need to show up. Otherwise, somebody else will be deciding the future of my home and I’m not ok with that.

Scott Denny

Prince Edward