Letter to the Editor: The Manor was his first win

Published 5:57 pm Sunday, July 30, 2023

Dear Editor,

Turn the clock back about 13 summers to Sept. 7, 2010. My brother Scottie Queensberry and I went to The Manor to play some golf as we so often do. Knowing that the golf tour was sponsoring an event that weekend, we were somewhat skeptical that we would be allowed on the course. This was to be a qualifier for some very aspiring golfers trying to make the step up to the PGA tour. They graciously allowed us to play but urged us to give the players their space. As you might imagine, things were pretty slow, then it happened. 

As we left the par 3 fourth hole, the two golfers in front of us motioned for us to come up and join them. The two were Richard Scott and Brian Harman. We were immediately impressed with how down to earth they seemed and their politeness. We casually chatted with them on each tee box and marveled at how solidly their every strike was when they hit the ball. For a guy about 5’8” and about 150 pounds, Brian Harman took a healthy cut at it and easily hit the driver 275 yards. When we made the turn, I jokingly asked them if they wanted to bet and they responded that they weren’t scared of it. After we beat them with a birdie on #10, they responded with six birdies and eagles for a back nine score of -10. Although no money exchanged hands, it was the most thorough shellacking I ever enjoyed on the golf course.

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A lot of folks who don’t play golf do not realize how interesting a round of golf can be and how much fun it is being paired with some real characters. I remember Brian saying that all he did, among other things, was hunt, fish and golf. I wish other folks could have an opportunity to play with guys like that.

I want to congratulate Brian Harman on his very impressive win at the Open as this year’s Champion Golfer of the Year. The Manor was his first win, the British Open was just his most recent.

Winning Queensberry

Prince Edward