Letter to the Editor: Looking ahead

Published 7:49 am Friday, July 14, 2023

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Dear Editor,

Every citizen of this county should be interested in how Virginia law provides for free and fair elections. Representatives of the two political parties — Democrats and Republicans — serve as officers of election during the voting process. While the law allows for voters who do not represent either political party to serve, it provides for even numbers of Republicans and Democrats and no more than one-third of officers not representing a party. It also requires that the chief and assistant chief officer at each precinct represent different parties — one Republican and one Democrat. 

I chose and continue to choose to stay on the side of the law. It is not personal – it is the law. How does wanting to have election integrity and seeking to follow Virginia election law make me an “extremist?” 

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So let us move on to more important matters, such as preparing for truly free and fair elections starting with early voting in September. 

Preparations are already being made to give the citizens of Buckingham County a smoothly run election this fall. The new registrar, Ginger Chiesa, brings years of experience to the job and is ensuring the Code of Virginia is followed. 

Every question or concern I have to taken to Mrs. Chiesa has been met with a thorough knowledge of the code and a kind demeanor during our conversations. Since I am required to present a list of Republican election officers, I was informed more election officer training is on the agenda and will hopefully attract new and motivated volunteers while refreshing our dedicated returning officers.

I urge all Republicans to help Governor Youngkin with his “Secure the Vote” Initiative launched today by voting early, mail or absentee ballot. While I do not believe there was any voter fraud in Buckingham this past year, I feel certain all voting this November election will be safe and secure. Republicans must vote to ensure we control the house and flip the Senate. Electing the right people to office is more important than our individual issues with one another. This is a fight for our children, State and Country.

Ramona Christian