Letter to the Editor: Could we improve the Farmville skate park?

Published 12:02 am Sunday, July 30, 2023

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While the Farmville skate park has been a fun hangout for over 15 years, it’s time for some improvements. Being one of the only skate parks in town, it is frequented by children, college students and some adults. However, there are a couple of problems. Some issues include the metal covered jumps, the limited space for beginners to learn on a flat surface and safety issues with the jumps. 

The first issue that could be worked on would be the metal covered jumps. With no shade provided, the metal can get extremely hot, especially during the summer. Instead of metal, the park could be made out of concrete or by using a specific type of wood designed for outdoor skating. Most of the time, concrete parks work out the best because of the rounded corners on the edges of the jumps being safer. 

Another issue is the limited space for beginners. While there are flat surfaces on the sides of the park, once you push off, you have gotten halfway to the end of the park and cannot continue riding without making a turn. Having this limited area to ride on does not provide a fun and easy course to learn on, so fewer people feel comfortable to learn. 

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To fix this problem, you could either expand the park or create a different park geared towards beginners with no jumps but some small concrete hills for them to become comfortable with. This could provide a more inclusive atmosphere for anyone who didn’t want to do jumps but still wanted to ride their skateboard. 

If none of that is possible, I still believe the park needs updating. The metal corners of the jumps are lifted slightly, causing them to rust and become serious hazards. While the skaters are supposed to be wearing the correct protective gear, someone could still get cut on their back, arm, or anywhere that the protective gear is not covering. Being cut by these rusted corners could result in needing a tetanus vaccine or having a gash that needs stitches. 

The Farmville skate park has been a great place. However, as the world of skating evolves, so should the skating parks. Adding newer jumps or a different style of skate park could potentially bring in new people, possibly from out of town. By bringing in new skaters, you could open a market for a skate shop and the employment it brings. You could also bring in things like food trucks. In many cities where they have large skateparks, they put food and shops nearby for the skaters and families to visit. 

Creating an inclusive space for all types of skaters to learn, hang out, critique their skills and just have fun is essential for growth within the community and providing a safe environment for anyone to skate in is an important part of that. 

Elena Meader
Prince Edward

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