Letter to the Editor: A birthday deserves a present

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Dear Editor,

There was never a more ironic birthday gift for an entire nation than that which was given to us the week before Independence Day; the Supreme Court destroyed the last remnants of institutionalized racism in the United States, affirmative action. This was a step in the right direction of epic proportions. It is a massive victory for equality. And the left is losing its collective mind.

Yes, the last bastion of preferential treatment based on race, which is exactly one half of the definition of racism, is over. Racism has effectively been eliminated from everything ranging from college applications to job markets. But in true leftist fashion, from the moment this staple of racism was justly struck down, NPR, CNN, MSNBC and all the other outlets perpetuating the lies of the Democratic party in the guise of informational objectivity began trumpeting a new song, “Eliminating Racism is Racist.”

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This begs the question, how is it racist not to judge people by their race? Are we all misunderstanding the definition of the word “racism”? Or are we simply living in a new era in which both the Republican and Democratic parties are being exposed, each in their own ways, for the blatant liars they are? It’s the latter, but I’m sure some of you would disagree.

While the Republican Party attempts to overgeneralize and misconstrue, and in some contexts blatantly deny, the very real and complicated history of the two parties’ values changing over the course of about 75 years from 1890 to 1965, hoping desperately to, at least in it’s propaganda, distance itself from the very base which elected President Trump, the Democratic Party is being absolutely pummeled by their brood of chickens come home to roost. As it turns out, it is actually racist to judge people positively or negatively based on race, which is exactly what affirmative action requires.

This country, which shamefully maintained slavery for almost a century after independence from England, now boasts a plethora of races and both sexes on the highest court in the land. We had a black President and now a black woman as Vice President. We have minority Senators, Congressmen and women, heads of universities and school boards, CEO’s, financiers, millionaires, mayors and police chiefs. To those of you murmuring “It was all because of affirmative action,” that’s an incredibly racist thing to say. You’re arguing that people of other races must be given things by whites to succeed. That’s absolutely despicable and you should be ashamed to think it.

The coming decades will tell the story. And if, in a moment of principled and morally righteous enlightenment, all Americans would refuse to vote for and perpetuate the false dichotomy of the two-party system, freeing ourselves from Democratic and Republican lies, we would at once become closer than we’ve ever been to the original promise of the idea of what America was always supposed to be, true freedom.

Tom Noehren