Letter to the Editor: What is your vision for Buckingham County

Published 12:10 pm Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Dear Editor,

This is for all Buckingham residents. Howdy neighbors! What is your vision for Buckingham County? Do you want to protect the rural character, keep our water drinkable, our air breathable, our land productive, our economy healthy? Generate good jobs that don’t compromise our health and safety? Do you want to help create a home that our kids would be proud of and interested in continuing to live in? I know I do.

The County is reviewing its Comprehensive Plan and would like to know what we want for our future here. Please show up on Thursday, June 15 at 6pm at the Community Center next to the Library in Dillwyn.

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About 1,000 Buckingham residents and landowners signed a petition in support of an ordinance that would assert our right to be free from the toxic trespass we know would come from metallic mining. The Supervisors agree they don’t want this toxic industry and asked the Planning Commission to look into protections from metallic mining. The county attorney is advising that the Comp Plan be changed before changing local law to prohibit metallic mining. That opportunity is now before us.

The Commission has gotten off track, is dragging its feet and needs to hear from us that we don’t want to be a sacrifice zone for new industrial scale metallic mining. We want strong protections Now.

Together, our many voices can accomplish great things for all of us. Let’s show up!

Stay healthy and free!

Haris Harini Lender