Howard Gregory: Why I support John McGuire

Published 6:07 pm Saturday, May 6, 2023

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John McGuire

Captain G. Howard Gregory

John McGuire is an exceptional candidate for the Virginia Senate. There are three areas I will focus on: conservative organization endorsements, individual endorsements and record.

John experienced tremendous hardships as a child, but he never gave up! That tenacity forged his character and work ethic, resulting in his becoming a Navy SEAL as a young man. After serving with distinction and risking his life for 10 years, he returned home and started his own business. Tragedy struck at the height of his business career when he broke his neck in a freak accident and was paralyzed. 

His wife was told that he probably would not survive, but if he did, he would never walk again. He never gave up and he did walk again! In 2017, he ran for office as an outsider with no political experience. That same tenacity to live, walk, and raise a family came out and he was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. He has a voting record of six years that allows us to verify all of his positions and predict what he will do in the Senate.

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Not only does McGuire have a perfect score from the Family Foundation for his pro-life record but he wears a baby sock on his backpack every day in the legislative session to remind him and his colleagues that they are in Richmond to protect life. The Virginia Society of Human Life PAC endorsed McGuire in this race. Regarding the 2nd Amendment, not only does McGuire vote the right way, he puts in legislation to enhance protection of our right to bear arms. Many recall the woman who lost her life working for the government in Virginia Beach when a co-worker went on a shooting spree in a “gun free zone.” John put in a bill to make the government liable for injuries when they declare a “gun free zone.” Virginia’s premiere 2nd Amendment advocacy organization, Virginia Citizens Defense League PAC, also endorsed McGuire in this race. 

His list of personal conservative endorsements is amazing and includes Governor Youngkin, numerous past and present serving senators, delegates, local elected leaders, law enforcement professionals across the district, conservative leaders and the list goes on and on. Over 70 of these individuals endorsed McGuire. 

So finally, it comes down to record. We know McGuire votes right as he is consistently recognized and endorsed by the American Conservative Union as one of the most conservative legislators in Virginia. He gets many of his legislative ideas from his “District Office” as he calls it, when he waves at motorists along the side of the road in the 10 counties across the district. From reducing regulations to advocating for others, McGuire spends countless hours helping citizens. He also helped Governor Youngkin secure the largest tax decrease on our veterans in the history of Virginia.

Candidates in this race will tell you what they would do if elected. With John McGuire, you don’t have to guess what he will do because his conservative organization endorsements, individual endorsements, and his record tells us exactly what he will do. As Ben Franklin said “well done is better than well said.” 

If you are registered as a Republican delegate for Senate District 10, be sure to attend the convention at Buckingham County High School on Saturday, May 6, not later than 10:30 a.m. (early arrival after 8:30 a.m. is strongly encouraged) and vote for John McGuire to be our next Senator.

Captain G. Howard Gregory is a retired division commander with the Virginia State Police. He can be reached at