Letter to the Editor: Equity of opportunity is fair

Published 10:16 pm Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The Democrat Party is being depicted as the savior of the downtrodden and that is far from the truth.  They have done nothing to improve the lives of women, minorities, homeless, or the mentally disabled. They stand for segregation, open borders, victimization of the populace by allowing crime to run rampant. They label concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” and gun owners as “White Supremacists.” Any disagreement labels you a racist or Nazi. They defeated a bill to protect women’s sports and are determined to allow unisex bathrooms. Women are getting injured, and girls are being sexually assaulted ala Loudon County Schools.  

We all believe in diversity but not at the cost of merit. We believe in inclusion but not when other people are excluded. When we ignore merit, we lose achievement. It is the old Affirmative Action. 

We do not all believe in equity of “outcome.” Equity of “opportunity” is fair and allows anyone to rise based on their talents and hard work. How can you say that what you strive for does not matter and that everyone will receive the same reward? That is the way to disincentivize an individual and a nation.   

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We are not a “democracy.” We are a “constitutional republic” and that is how the Founders intended it. Our Federalist system of government is organized to prevent the tyranny of the majority or the minority. It is meant to avoid power in a centralized government.  

Our current government does everything to subvert the Constitution, centralize and weaponize the power of the Federal government and to create one Party rule. They hurt the poor, middle-income families, and those on a fixed income with high inflation and high energy costs. Our oil reserves are critically low, and we are not permitted to drill. We are a sovereign nation with no borders and that danger is self-evident. No borders, no nation. 

The Democrat Party panders to extreme minorities like climate fanatics and those who insist on ignoring the Mammalian biology of two sexes. We are so weak that the threat of a war with China is real. 

Lucy Klaus
Cumberland County