John McGuire picks up win at State Senate District 10 convention

Published 9:35 am Monday, May 8, 2023

The numbers don’t lie. By an overwhelming majority, Republicans in State Senate District 10 came out Saturday to Buckingham High School in support of John McGuire. The longtime Virginia delegate won the convention with 63% of the vote, putting him in place as one of two contenders for the new seat. 

If you’re wondering what District 10 is, well, that’s because it’s brand new. Drawn up as part of the latest round of redistricting, it covers at least parts of 11 counties. That includes portions of Hanover, Louisa, Prince Edward and Henrico counties, to go with all of Buckingham, Cumberland, Amelia, Appomattox, Fluvanna, Goochland and Powhatan. 

“God is good!” McGuire wrote in a statement posted to his Twitter feed. “We won the Republican nomination for Virginia State Senate District 10 (with) 63% of the vote in just the first vote. Thank you to my incredible team.” 

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What made Saturday’s convention results interesting is the fact McGuire kept more than 60% of the vote despite competing against three other candidates. The former Navy SEAL beat chairman of the Hanover County Republican Committee Jack Dyer, former schoolteacher Sandy Brindley and Duane Adams, chair of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors. 

The Senate 10 Convention was a wonderful example of our democracy at work,” said Buckingham County Republican Party Chair Ramona Christian. “The day resembled a modern day Constitutional Convention where the will of the people was heard and victorious. John McGuire was the overwhelming favorite of the convention delegates, which was demonstrated by their voice and ballot votes.” 


Primary vs. convention

The difference between a primary and a convention like the one Saturday mainly is about the number of people involved. Conventions are run by the party, with a number of people selected for each area to cast a vote. In a state-run primary, any eligible voter can cast a ballot.