Frank Ruff: Let’s talk about right and wrong

Published 12:45 pm Friday, May 19, 2023

Frank RuffMost of us were taught at an early age the difference between right and wrong. Sometimes that lesson was learned at home, other times it was at church. A little later we learned it at school either from our teachers or peers who ostracized those who ignored the proper way to treat those who one comes into contact with. Therefore, all adults should know when they are doing wrong. That does not mean that some won’t cross that line and do those things that are legally wrong or are unacceptable in our society.


The reason we have borders is simple. It prevents those who want to come to a country from entering unless they meet the terms of a country. To enter Mexico, one must meet their rules. To stay, one must prove that they have the assets needed for their expenses for the year and annually must reaffirm their continued wherewithal.

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Most people believe that that is a fair and responsible policy. Yet President Biden seems to have lost his sense of right and wrong. Since before he was even sworn into office, he has been signaling to the world that his administration will ignore federal laws. Hundreds of thousands of illegals have crossed our border during his term. They do this with no check that they have a skill, have any resources, are healthy, and that they will not be a drain on the American taxpayers. All reasonable expectations. Instead, he is offering benefits such as food, housing, etc. Services that American citizens would have to apply for to receive.

Additionally, rarely are any background checks done to determine if they have been felons in their native country. These are the ones that simply come across the border and turn themselves in to border control officers. An unknown number of others cross and are never accounted for as they enter our country. These are the ones that are the drug smugglers who have brought enough fentanyl across the border to kill every living American. These drug dealers use children and terrorists to move their poison from China to the United States.

The question is this, why would an American President choose to ignore what is right and accept what is wrong. He was elected to protect our nation. Instead, his policy is attracting those from nations around the globe. Many coming may well be coming as terrorists prepared to attack us from within.


From the Attorney General through every level of federal law enforcement officers we see those sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the laws properly passed into law, ignoring the facts and letting some not only break the law but then hide that evidence from the public. If such were to occur on the state or local level, the FBI would swarm in and seek indictments.

It now appears that not only did President Biden mislead the American people about his son’s wheeling and dealing with foreign governments, but maybe much more. The President, after decades in Washington, was well versed in what is acceptable in dealing with foreign governments. He knew his son was trading on the Biden name while he was Vice President. He knew that it was both legally wrong and morally wrong.

This last week it got worse. Congress received word from a whistleblower that not only was Hunter Biden breaking the law, but it appears that his father and numerous family members were mixed up in a scheme to accept millions of dollars hidden by financial manipulations. Money that appears to have been paid to family members for nothing other than to influence government policy.

When Congress asked the Department of Justice to provide records to the oversight committee, records they had on the issue of possible corruption and illegal activity, they refused to release that information. The whistleblower had first gone to the Department of Justice before they went to Congress, therefore, they cannot deny they have that information. Additionally, because of the Patriot Act, they know that the numerous cash transfers occurred and went to dozens of entities set up to simply receive those payments.

The voters should know the facts and vote for those who do the right thing for the people, not themselves.

FRANK RUFF Jr. serves as the 15th District senator in Virginia. He can be reached at Sen., (434) 374-5129 or P.O. Box 332, Clarksville, VA 23927.