Cumberland County Property Transfers: September 2022

Published 11:17 am Friday, May 12, 2023

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of September. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Millbrook Construction, LLC to Michael W. Taylor; et ux, 6.006 AC, Lot, Madison District. $281,750.

• Jonathan Anderson; et ux to David S. Pagan; et ux, 27.26 AC, Lot, Hamilton District. $90,000.

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• Jerry Tyson; et ux to Jerry Tyson; et als. Deed Gift.

• Jerry Tyson ;et ux to Jerry Tyson; et als. Deed Gift.

• Conklin Mann IV to Lisa Merritt, 2.131 AC, Lot, Hamilton District. $175,000.

• Evelyn Sims; et al to Nancy T. Moore, 8.556 AC, Madison District. $76,500.

• Maria Lynn Sloan; et ux to Jonathan Scott Hamlett. Deed Gift.

• Linwood Irvin Williams Tr; et al to Heath Blankenship, 2.974 AC, Hamilton District. $20,000.

• Jared Addison Mayers to Travis Muhler; et ux, 7.568 AC, Hamilton District. $525,000.

• Anna Louise Banks to Lloyd Banks Jr. Deed Gift.

• Thomas M. Crawford; et als to Kenneth R. Boerner; et als, 15.5 AC, Madison District. $56,000.

• Timothy K. Ashlin to Lydia Griffith; et ux,8 AC, Madison District. $450,000.

• Clarence H. Willis; et ux to Brent F. Williamson; et ux, 90.02 AC, Hamilton District. $576,000.

• Deidra M. Lucky to Dominion Real Estate Solutios, 1.26 AC, Randolph District. $70,000.

• BTG Pactual OEF Property 2 LP to Cumberland Hay and Straw LLC, 12.3 AC, Madison District. $300,000.

• Timbercreek Building and Design to 810 W Lancaster Ave LLC, Lot, Madison District. $220,001.

• Randall B. Daves to Amelia’s Home Construction, LL, 5.561 AC, 2.721 AC, Lots, Hamilton District. $60,000.

• Amelia’s Home Construction LLC to Gladstone Don Brown; et ux. 2 AC, Hamilton District. $300,000.

• Kenneth A. Hallock; et ux Dale R. Simmons, 12.565 AC, Madison District. $375,000.

• Joseph Peachey; et ux to Jean Doss, 4.456 AC, Lot, Madison District. $230,000.

• Wilmer Mast; et ux to Dewanna Lewis; et ux, 2.788 AC, Randolph District. $25,000.

• Anthony Alan Parker to Mary J. Santos, 12.25 AC, Lot, Hamilton District. $349,950.

• Sharon Marie Newcomb to Alice T. Gormus, 57.23 AC, Randolph District. $24,500.

• William B. Richter; et ux to Bryan Christopher Foley, Lots, Hamilton District. $243,000.

• Billy Foster Jr.; Trustee; et als to Bradley T. Anders; et ux, Lot, Randolph District. $80,000.

• Timothy Warren McHenry; et al to Benjamin Redman, 5 AC, Madison District. $14,000.

• Samuel Arthur Banks to Lloyd Banks Jr. Deed Gift.

• Jared Habib Turner to Alfred Clark; et al, 1 AC, Madison District. $219,950.

• Richard C. Green Jr. to Pearson Properties LLC, Parcels, Hamilton District and Powhatan County. $300,000.

• Pearson Properties LLC; et al to David L. Clodfelter; et als, 50.178 AC, 40.0471, Lots, Hamilton District. $280,000.

• William Edward Pepper III; et al to Jordan Elizabeth Pepper. Deed Gift.

• Frances R. Clements to Cifers Holdings, Inc, Lot, Randolph District. $349,900.

• Julee Mullins; et al to Ranesha Hubbard; et al , Lot, Randolph District. $22,660.

• Camilla Mahan; Trustee of Cumberland Presbyterian Church; et al to Eugene Allen Bennett, Lots, Randolph District. $285,000.

• Edward Elmer Street to Nicole D. McGinnis, 20.231 AC, Madison District. $65,000.