DAR learns about Patrick Henry’s family

Published 10:48 am Wednesday, April 26, 2023

“Meet Patrick Henry’s fifth Great-Grandson” was the program title of the March meeting for the Judith Randolph-Longwood Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. The group gathered on Saturday, March 11, at the Barbara Rose Johns Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library.

Patrick Henry Jolly, fifth great-grandson of Patrick Henry, has been giving presentations about his fifth great grandfather for 30 years. Jolly, who is retired from library work in Ohio, shared many interesting facts about Patrick Henry, such as he had 17 children by two wives – Sarah and Dorothy Dandridge.

Patrick Henry, who is best known for his “…give me liberty or give me death” speech, had many accomplishments in his lifetime. Among them was being a well-known lawyer all his professional years with local, state and national cases. He served in the Virginia House of Burgesses and served as Governor of Virginia five times. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington credited Patrick Henry with giving the impetus for the American Revolution. Red Hill in Brookneal, was the last of thirteen houses where he raised his family, and he died there in 1799.

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