Letter to the Editor: Green Ridge landfill still not needed

Published 4:13 pm Thursday, March 16, 2023

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Dear Editor,

“Where does the Green Ridge landfill project stand?” was front page news in the February 22 edition of The Farmville Herald. Every story has two sides, and Green Ridge and its affiliates want people to think it is the greatest thing. They never discuss the adverse effects of this proposed landfill on the environment, the water system (wetlands and private wells), the community and their way of life. 

If the water from this project contaminates the water in Muddy Creek, that damage will affect the water to the James and to the Chesapeake Bay. A large price to pay for money going to a corporation. 

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The first thing stated in the article as presented by the proposed landfill attorney (and not the Project Manager) was the possible closing of Shoosmith Landfill raises the need for this landfill. If you look further, Virginia currently has enough landfills to last more than 20 years; hence no need for this landfill. Please note nothing was stated about increasing the money being paid to Cumberland County when the increase in tipping fees was presented. 

It has been stated by many, to include some members of the Board of Supervisors, this proposed landfill is needed for revenue for the county. Please take a minute and reflect — this project is closing in on the end of its fifth year and headed into its sixth year and yet the county is currently in a better financial standing now than it was five years ago without the proposed landfill being in operation. 

A person only needs to review the information on the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) website devoted to this project and you can see why there is concern with Green Ridge and affiliates in obtaining approval of the needed permits. Passing of time and the number of requests made by the state and federal approval agencies, documents this proposed landfill site is not suitable. 

Take a minute and reflect on this and then ask yourself — would you want the proposed dump in your backyard? What about the damage to the environment and the water system — two important things that when damaged cannot be fixed. Things that not only affect residents of Cumberland and Powhatan counties but the entire state.

People can visit LoveCentralVA.com, email NoMegaLandfill@LoveCentralVA.com or call 804-308-5748 for more information. 

Betty Myers