Letter to the Editor: We need some answers, not silence

Published 11:32 am Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Dear Editor,

At the Jan. 17 meeting, the new GOP dominated electoral board in Buckingham County promised an opportunity for public comment at the next meeting for all who sign up to speak. That meeting was Feb. 7. But at the meeting, they changed the rule and only allowed 10 speakers when many more had signed up. The most important and relevant speaker would have been the previous registrar of 28 years.

The issue in question is that the county GOP claims that the law is for a representative for both the Democrat and Republican party to be at each election site. But the actual law says that if a representative of these two parties is not available, an independent can serve. The head of the county board of supervisors addressed his remarks to the level of disdain the electoral board is exhibiting in an effort to get rid of the current non-partisan registrar. The entire board of supervisors supports the current non-partisan registrar. The law also says that complaints about election issues be directed to the county’s commonwealth’s attorney, not the electoral board.

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The electoral board is supposed to be non-partisan but is made up of a majority from the party which holds the Governorship. So the new Electoral Board is now two Republicans and one Democrat. Over 100 county residents attended this meeting and were alarmed that the rule change did not allow public comment as promised.

The next meeting was scheduled for Feb. 21, but it has now been canceled. So when will we know if we are to have smooth running elections with an experienced team?

Mary Lenz