Cumberland County Property Transfers

Published 6:25 pm Thursday, December 15, 2022

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of July. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Dale B. Drake to Mary J. Irving; et ux, 5 AC, Madison District. $226,500.

• Joel Watson; et ux to Francis Xavier Leuvano; et ux; 14.258 AC, 1 AC, Hamilton District. $435,000.

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• Amelia’s Home Construction, LLC to Matthew G. Williams; et ux, 4.44 AC, Hamilton District. $376,000.

• Phillip J. Arthur to Devon Batterson, 3 AC, Hamilton District. $227,000.

• Clarence H. Rothe to Thomas L. Smith; et al, 18.5 AC, Madison District. $270,000.

• Luther F. Harris Jr.; et ux to Travis W. Harris Sr.; et al 2.086 AC, Madison District. $35,000.

• Marion R. Lipscomb Cunningham to The Cunningham Family Trust. Deed Gift.

• Richard D. Felts;et ux tp Dustin Sears; et ux, Parcel, 1.6 AC, Randolph District. $320,000.

• Victoria Cifers to Charles H. Haigh Jr. Deed Gift.

• Clifford C. Wolf to Kristin Paul; et ux, 13.86 AC, Randolph District. $309,900.

• Robert P. McQuary to Robert P. McQuary. Deed Gift.

• Steven Childress to Steven Childress. Deed Gift.

• Watkins Clarke Campbell; et ux to Watkins Clarke Campbell. Deed Gift.

• Charles R B Bristol to Atkins Custom Homes LLC, .293 AC, .344 AC, .344, Lots, Town of Farmville. $45,000.

• Clover Hill Construction of Jehovah’s Witnesses Inc. to Jeffrey W. Spencer Jr. Tr; et als; Parcel, .647 AC, Randolph District. $160,000.

• Monise H. Brown to Lorenzo Johnson; et ux, 1.86 AC, Madison District. $160,000.

• Carolyn R. Oates to Suzanne Marie Harris, 41 AC, 1.823, Parcel, Madison District. $86,560.

• Buford M. Latham Jr.; et ux to Tyler Wolcott; et al, 14.75 AC, Hamilton District. $130,000.

• Debra Oertel Nash; et ux to Stephanie Spillman Baldwin. Deed Gift.

• Debra Oertel Nash; et ux to Stephanie Spillman Baldwin. Deed Gift.

• Ashley Elizabeth Watson to Rachel Marie Daniels, 5 AC, Madison District. $125,000.

• Doris Knowles; Guad to Keisha Knowles-Phelps; Tr et al. Deed Gift.

• Shana L. Sayers; et ux to Aldus Jeffrey Frazier Jr., 2.972 AC, Lot, Madison District. $265,000.

• Jared Turner; et al to Makayla Lewis, Parcel. $238,000.

• Wanda K. McClure; Suc Tr; et als to Archa Ray Liles Jr.; et ux, 5.58 AC, 6.59 AC, 6.11 AC, Lots, Madison District. $195,000.

• Weyerhaeuser Company to Douglas F. Bennett; Tr el al, 363.01 AC, Madison District. $790,000.

• Ralph A. Mulleins; et uz to Southland Double Diamond Farms LLC, Parcel, Madison District. $9,000.