Your turn — No secrets in our schools

Published 12:30 pm Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Democrats and other left-wing activists continue to push back against the Department of Education’s new, common-sense model policies for systems regarding transgender students.

Several systems have announced they won’t support or implement the new policies, regardless of the law requiring it.

Said simply, these systems are going all-in on keeping secrets from parents.

School boards in Northern Virginia and Charlottesville have announced that they won’t adopt the new model policies.

For Charlottesville, the reasoning is clear — they want to keep secrets from parents, a point they made clear in a letter to legislators.

“…One of the values that schools offer young people is another set of trusted adults. Most of us can recall a time when we asked a caring teacher, clergy member, relative, or family friend for support, counsel, or a lifeline. Rejecting such connections for young people limits the very resources that have always been available to them. Mentoring relationships are at the heart of a successful school, and we want to nurture those relationships, not police them.”

Opposition to the new policies centers on the fact that parents will find out of their child is transitioning at school.

Parents might not be supportive; schools and activists argue. Ergo, they should be kept out of the loop.

The endgame for Democrats is crystal clear: if you don’t accept the fact that your child is transgender, it’s child abuse.

That means the state will be able to remove your children from your home.

Democrats first attempted this in 2020 with House Bill 580, which would have written such language into the code.

While it died in committee, it wasn’t because Democrats didn’t support it. The patron, Del. Guzman, said it was because the Commonwealth “didn’t have the resources” to implement it.

We said it on the campaign trail, and we’ve made it clear through votes — parents oversee their kids. That’s not going to change on our watch.

DEL. TOMMY WRIGHT can be reached via email at or (804) 698-1061.