Prince Edward County Schools celebrate Spirit Week

Published 6:22 pm Friday, October 14, 2022

Leading up to Prince Edward County High’s Homecoming, the district held Spirit Week activities at each school. Prince Edward Elementary started off with “Home of the Brave” on Oct. 3, wearing red, white and blue in honor of America. On Tuesday, the elementary students were asked to show school spirit, by wearing purple and gold. Then on Wednesday, it was Inside Out Day. Thursday was Hat Day and Friday was Wacky Tacky Day, where everyone could come in with their craziest hair and wild socks.

Prince Edward County Middle School took a different route. They started off with Crocs and Socks Day, then followed that up with Twinning Twos’day. Students and faculty were asked to pair off with someone and come to school wearing identical outfits. They had Wacky Tacky Day on Wednesday, followed by a Throwback Thursday where people were asked to dress up in 90’s fashion. And finally, Purple and Gold Day finished things for the school on Friday.

Things took a unique turn in some ways at Prince Edward High. They started off with Flannel and Fleece Monday, and then did Twinning Day on Tuesday. For Oct. 5, however, students and staff really thought outside of the box, with “Anything But A Backpack Day”. For that day, people were asked to carry things in anything but a backpack. It could be a hat. It could be a wheelbarrow. The options were endless. The school followed that up with their own 90’s Day and finally Purple and Gold Day, before the big game.

Prince Edward fell just short, unfortunately, on the field Friday night. They lost to Greensville 22-20.