Letter to the Editor — This is why I support Carl Eggleston

Published 3:05 pm Saturday, October 29, 2022

Dear Editor,

I would like to speak about the character of Carl U. Eggleston, who is running for Mayor in the Town of Farmville. Although I am not a resident of the Town of Farmville, I have had the pleasure of living in Virginia over 22 years, and call Virginia the home I love.

I was inspired to write this letter because I am an advocate for change. Even though we know change is inevitable and usually a positive thing, we are, by nature, creatures of habit, so it can take a little prodding to get us to make a big move. If elected, Carl Eggleston will be the first African-American mayor ever to be elected to this important position. Being a transplant, I was unaware of the rich, yet painful history that Farmville holds regarding the civil rights era in which Prince Edward Schools were closed because white families did not want to integrate. I understand how racism stains the souls of men.

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I have a daughter that received a full academic scholarship to William & Mary. She came home in tears, explaining one of her classmates told her the only reason she received the scholarship was because she was black. Martin Luther King Jr. often discussed how racial equality cannot be achieved without structural change. Carl knows firsthand what it feels like to be without solely based on something as silly as judging the pigmentation of one’s skin color. Carl was locked out of school for four years here in Farmville. But even with this pain, Carl loves his community. This is the kind of love God talks about.

It is easy to love those that return that love, but God says we are to love even when that love is not returned. Carl is taking that step to equality not for some, but for all. I am sure it is why Carl chose the career of funeral director. You see, when we die there is no more competing, and no need for hate. There is only a vessel that returns to the earth. One day, we all will take that journey. There is something extremely humbling about death.

Carl has taught me to appreciate, because we will all be put on that same plane. I have watched Carl show tender kindness to those who have lost loved ones and need support to get through the rough times. I have watched Carl grieve with white and black families alike, and the tears flow the same. I have seen Carl sponsor the Christmas toy drive for all children. I see the joy on each child’s face and I never hear any of those children ask if those toys are coming from a black or white adult. Carl is the right choice for Mayor of Farmville. He sees no color when it comes to providing help to those in need, showing acts of kindness, and above all the act of charity for his beloved community.

Pastor Kyla Wade