Letter to the Editor — Why I support Rhodes Martin

Published 4:45 am Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dear Editor,

I would like to encourage voters in Ward B of the town of Farmville to vote for Rhodes Martin in his bid to become a member of the Town Council. As a native son, long-time resident, and active member of this community, his youth and energy will serve him well on the Council.

Not only is Rhodes gregarious, convivial, and creative, he knows how to build a consensus to get things done. He also has an innate ability to make everyone who meets him feel comfortable. He possesses a deep compassion for and awareness of others and will truly listen to every member of the community in a collaborative way to help Farmville continue to grow and to be a wonderful place to live and work.

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I have had the privilege of working closely with Rhodes for many years on a number of volunteer and philanthropic projects. He constantly reminds me that the work we do with our children and the work to better our community matters. He has found a passion in the excitement of this small town and will thrive in the arena of civil discourse to meet, if not exceed, the expectations of his constituents.

I know that Rhodes can be counted on to make meaningful contributions to the Town of Farmville and will not disappoint. I urge voters in Ward B to take a close look at Rhodes Martin… you will definitely like what you see.

I am a proud supporter of Rhodes. He will be a dedicated servant to the people of this area and will make a great addition to the Town Council.

Jason Ferguson



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