Letter to the Editor — Supervisors should OK ordinance opposing gold mining

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, July 6, 2022

To the Editor:

As a new householder and new mom living in Buckingham County, I am concerned about what the future holds for my family. And when I hear about the potential harms of possible gold mining, I get really scared.

After hearing the two experts at the latest State Agency Gold Mining Study Work Group presentation, I can’t see any way that we, the residents of Buckingham County, would benefit from a gold mine here. It puts our water at risk and sets up a potential for a possible Superfund site that we would be paying for forever. Common sense tells me this should not be happening.

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I want the board of supervisors to protect us from the interests of gold mining companies by passing the ordinance being proposed by a group of concerned citizens. Why not have the mining companies prove to us that there is another mine, similar to the one they would want to open in our county, that has caused no harm? From the info shared, it doesn’t sound like they could!

I have signed the petition that is circulating that will be brought to the superviors to show our support of this possible ordinance. If the board doesn’t like this ordinance, my question to them is: How are you going to protect us? I would feel safer and more secure if there was a law in place that would protect my family and my property in the future.

Santoshi Sheila Young