Letter to the Editor — Show Southern hospitality with the U.S. flag

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, July 20, 2022

To the Editor:

Virginia Flaggers and anyone in support of the huge Confederate flag on Route 460, just outside of town, please consider prospective Longwood and Hampden-Sydney students. The parents of students, potential residents and tourists who come to Farmville are greeted by an “in your face” sized Confederate flag, which, among other things, represented slavery and no education for all black people.

Does a two-college town, with a history of educational inequality, really want this as a “welcome?”

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Take your blinders off, please. Quiet your pride, and be the honorable, hospitable southerners who live here.

I love the South and all its peoples. This flag belongs in a cemetery or near your personal place of remembrance. Replace it with the U.S. flag and I will match the first donation to purchase an American flag for that pole. Let us all be proud.

Suzanne Crouse


PS. Mr. Willis, re: …”freedom to ..” Farmville Herald July 15 letter to editor — Any business that doesn’t sell flags, or historical memorabilia, but displays a large Confederate flag in prominence, will be hard pressed to receive my patronage. Think about it, pray on it, be led by love.