Letter — Sign petition urging passage of abortion abolition act

Published 10:28 am Saturday, July 2, 2022

To the Editor:

Praise the Lord our God, King of the Universe and our Creator. Roe vs. Wade has been overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States and justice has been served for the millions upon millions of unborn babies that didn’t get to have the God given gift of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is a great victory indeed, but it doesn’t stop there. It is up to the states whether they will honor these precious lives and abolish abortion or continue the legalized slaughter. We the people need to urge Gov. Glenn Youngkin to abolish abortion in Virginia and stand with his current and future constituents. I am asking everybody to support the Abolition of Abortion in Virginia Act by going to www.abolishabortionvirginia.com/legislation and sign the petition so we can tell Gov. Youngkin that we the people stand for all the precious lives that are created in God’s image and be a voice for them who He fearfully and wonderfully made.

Bradley Driskill

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