Letter — On those who disagree and cause damage

Published 1:25 pm Saturday, July 2, 2022

To the Editor:

Looks like some folks didn’t like the latest U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on abortion, and now they’re out to damage public property and do harm to those who don’t agree with them. Violence and destruction of personal or public property — and people who see things differently — is an inappropriate and dangerous response. And lately, the damage and disruption appear to be caused by well-organized and well-funded groups who are willing to face law enforcement knowing that they will be bailed out by big money sponsors and paid to do it all over again. Until lawmakers and our justice department follow the money and make examples of those sponsors accountable for the damage they cause, the trouble will not stop. Jail doesn’t work. But I believe making big money sponsors pay dollars and cents for the damages done to cities and personal property destroyed under their sponsorship, would go a long way toward ending the craziness. While these miscreants should be the target of our DOJ and politicians, it would appear that there are elected and appointed officials who simply don’t want to see it end peacefully — or who may very well be financially dependent on radical sponsors. When these same politicians and appointed justice department officials are finally ferreted out of our political and judicial system, then the job of getting back to something we all recognize as normal won’t be so monumental — if that day ever comes.

Peter Kapuscinski

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