Letter to the Editor — Stop the proposed dump, it’s not a done deal

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, June 29, 2022

To the Editor:

“Green Ridge continues to seek permit approval” in the June 15 paper was the story title and not an original title since there was one with the same title months ago in The Farmville Herald.

I believe the Green Ridge application should have been denied by DEQ several years ago when its application was incomplete and/or incorrect using the 20-plus year-old Virginia regulations. The length of time it is taking for this process raises questions:

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• It puts into question Green Ridge’s staff ability to read, understand, and follow outdated regulations.

• “It’s a lot of back and forth” between DEQ and Green Ridge – is this a good use of our tax dollars by DEQ.

• Is the approval of Part A application going to be based on 5 years plus of stale information.

• What about protecting the environment – private well water, land, wetlands, wildlife, and rural living.

• DEQ states on its website its responsibility is the protection of natural resources for the residents— is this proposed landfill protecting us and the environment or harmful?

Take a minute and reflect on this and then ask yourself – would you want the proposed dump in your backyard?

Do your part – join the fight and help protect our environment.

Betty Myers