Letter to the Editor — Steps recommended for removing flag pole

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, June 22, 2022

To the Editor:

As to what to do about the offensive flag and pole flying out toward Rice, why not go with the tried and proven method that was used just so recently. First contract a crane company prior to any meetings, votes or approvals. Have said crane park next to the flagpole. Have a called, unannounced meeting where a vote is taken to remove pole and all members of the board are taught very carefully to keep repeating the phrase “public safety.” This is obviously the magic phrase which allows the numerous alleged constitutional violations involved with the entire operation. Just as soon as the vote is taken, send word to crane to remove offending flag pole in the dark of night. For the next several months, take polls as to what should be done with flag pole because as we all know, public input is so very important to the process. Then contract with another company that some board members know personally to put flagpole back up at taxpayer expense.


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Harry Edward Wise Jr.