Letter to the Editor — Response to Mr. Driskill

Published 12:30 pm Wednesday, June 1, 2022

To the Editor:

I knew someone would eventually have the impertinence to bring abortion into The Herald’s editorials and that it just had to be a man. But since Mr. Driskill interjected his unwanted opinion in his article, “He hopes Roe v Wade is overturned,” let us now debate it.

Abortion is THE deciding factor for millions of people politically and the issue that has become the only test for federal judges and Supreme Court nominees for almost 50 years. And though abortion’s very existence is heartbreaking and is usually the result of a complete lack of personal responsibility, not always, but usually, it’s also yet another issue that doesn’t belong within 1,000 miles of Washington politics or any state legislature. Your body doesn’t belong in politics. Period.

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I wrote about this very same principle around this time last year when the federal and some state governments were attempting to force people to vaccinate against COVID. The shoe is on the right foot now. After decades of trying, the Religious Right is perfectly poised to exert its power over other people’s bodies, displaying that stereotypical cherry-picked sense of Christian morality.

Do we want abortions to happen? No. Have they and will they always happen? Yes. Do either of those questions or answers affect the principle of the matter? No. Your body is yours. And nobody else has the right, though they may have the power, to tell you what you will or will not do with, put into or disclose about your body. What is so hard to understand about that?

Today, abortion is but one individual liberty under siege in America and has easily been the most divisive issue since desegregation and slavery before it, continuing the sad theme that absolutely proves without a doubt that America is not the land of the free unless the people make it so.

In a country in which people would rather do the deed, get pregnant and then kill their unborn child or in which people would force others to put something in their body because of their fear, is it surprising to any of you that our national politics revolve around such topics as abortion and vaccinations? Given the incredible lack of education and the constant political indoctrination in this country, is it at all surprising that politicians would rather beat each other up with issues like these instead of recognizing that these topics don’t belong in politics?

Nobody likes abortion. It’s terrible. And the entire issue is a perfect example of an argument that nobody wins except the politicians.

Learn how to think, not what to think. I have belonged to and left both parties because they’re equally as greedy, corrupt and hypocritical and would both sooner indoctrinate every one of you for their gain than to govern with any sense of objective obligation to the country or the Constitution.

Tom Noehren