‘New life in Christ Jesus’

Published 6:05 pm Friday, May 6, 2022

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Life changes as time goes by. Life starts at conception, and for those who make it safely from the womb, childhood begins. Our childhood turns to adolescence, and before you realize it, the teenage years are gone. These first 19 years will have a great impact on the rest of our adult life. A foundation and framework for our life is formed. Today I want to address something that, if it happens, will greatly impact our lives here on the earth, but more importantly, it determines our eternal future as well. This event can happen sometime in the course of our life on earth, for some in the younger years, for others later in life, and for some, unfortunately, it never happens. The issue I speak of today is new birth. Being born again is a spiritual birth, a new beginning that takes place in the heart. It begins a relationship with God, our creator and giver of life. It clarifies the lens through which we view everything. Discipleship in God’s Word changes and alters our mind and conforms us to the image of the God-man, Jesus Christ. Oh how this discipleship is needed in our world today.

For those of us who have received this forgiveness, and since this salvation is through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ, the danger we face is the weakening of our faith regarding the things of God. We can gravitate back to the old worldly way of thinking, and lose sight of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Our life can become dull and unresponsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit who indwells us, and desires to lead us. Let’s trust God for a season of revival that begins in our Farmville community, and spreads far and wide. May souls be saved and believers refreshed.

I believe the winds of revival are blowing, look up, your redemption is near. May our church gatherings be very meaningful as we continue to reflect on the amazing grace extended to mankind through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The gospel is still the good news, and salvation from our deserved punishment is still available. If you accept God’s invitation to forgive your sins and renew your mind, you will experience God’s love and the long sought-after peace in your restless heart. I pray that many of you can join me in this journey of undeserved favor.

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Marv Fisher is the pastor at Calvary Chapel Farmville and can be heard weekdays at 1:30 PM on 105.3 Equip FM radio. He can be reached at pastor@ccfarmville.org.