Letter to the Editor — A perspective according to history

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, May 11, 2022

To the Editor:

So much turmoil, too much anger, who or what is the cause.

The history that I have read tells me that all of this has happened over and over. There is so much distress during and after a disaster and there have been many in the history of the world. The European black death in about 1350 caused horrible havoc. Some blamed the Jews, there were many employment problems. People were dying. No one to work the farms.

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The Great Depression of late 1920s that effected just about the whole world. Country blamed country. Would they work together to solve the problems? No.

The COVID pandemic has had the same results. Employment problems, inflation, blame for these things.

Will people, governments work together for the best outcome for society? No. Like always people support their own self interest. History repeats and repeats.

Why does the war in the Ukraine unite the caring and opinions of people and countries? Why didn’t people and countries of the world care as much when the people of Rwanda were being butchered? I think everyone can see the danger of a world war in the Ukraine.

One thought about gun violence. It is getting worse. Do we equate freedom with being able to be safe or is it “I want what I want no matter what.” That looks like the mind-set of Putin. There will always be some disaster, but life will go on and as in history, people will survive. Let’s care about our human family during good and bad times.

Marie Flowers