Letter — Rise above and stick to the facts

Published 7:40 pm Thursday, May 12, 2022

To the Editor:

For a number of years, The Farmville Herald has been publishing reports from our state elected officials giving information useful to local residents. On May 6, both State Senator Frank Ruff Jr. and State Delegate Matt Fariss wrote articles that were published in your paper. Delegate Fariss wrote about bills in process, bills vetoed, committee and subcommittee activity, and budget negotiations in the Virginia General Assembly as well as information about the Virginia Rent Relief Program and the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. It was informative.

However, State Senator Ruff wrote nothing about what is going on in the Virginia Senate, and gave no information about laws or bills or programs that would be helpful to citizens in his district. His article was nothing more than an attack on anyone or anything to do with the national Democratic Party. Half of his article was attacking Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, neither of whom have been an elected official or served in an official capacity for many years. What we want to read in your newspaper from our local elected representatives is factual and helpful local and state information, and for our local state representatives not to become bogged down in the negative and polarized national political quagmire, but to rise above it and to stick to factual information only in their reports in your paper.

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Myra Wilcox