It takes a community

Published 10:50 am Thursday, May 12, 2022

Over 700 thank you cards were created, printed, signed and distributed to area educators. According to Patsy Watson of the Interfaith Collective the thank you cards were intended to show area educators how much the community appreciates them and to thank them for the good work they do.

This effort was made possible by a collaboration of the Interfaith Collective, Longwood University Office of Community Engagement, Hampton Sydney-College Office of Civic Engagement, the Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce, area churches and Farmville Downtown merchants.

Once the thank you cards were printed they were distributed among the participating organizations, businesses and churches to add a handwritten note of appreciation and a special thank you. After the cards were signed with the special note they were collected and then distributed to educators at Cumberland County Public Schools, Full Circle Schools, Fuqua School and Prince Edward County Public Schools.

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In addition to distributing the thank you cards the group held parades in honor of area educators. To date, parades have been held at Fuqua School in February and most recently at Prince Edward County Public Schools.

Watson noted there were lots of smiling faces during the distribution of the thank you cards and parades.