Full Circle earns designation as Kindness Certified School

Published 10:57 am Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Full Circle School in Rice joined nearly 17 million students from around the globe in participating in the 11th annual Great Kindness Challenge. The challenge, presented by the nonprofit Kids for Peace, was launched with three Carlsbad, California, schools in 2012 to address bullying and foster connection, inclusion and compassion. Since then, the program has grown to include nearly 33,000 schools across 115 countries and all 50 states. Last year more than 843 million acts of kindness were performed as part of this initiative.

“Our school culture is built around a consistent and proactive approach to treating others with kindness and respect. Being a part of the Great Kindness Challenge is just one part of supporting and practicing that philosophy, “stated Full Circle director Angela Whittaker. “With the global pandemic making such a huge impact on our families, students, communities and the world, we made an extra effort this year to take this program beyond our school and out into our homes and community.”

Some of the tasks students completed were writing thank you notes to parents and other supporters of the school, reading a book to a younger student, a sibling, or a parent, thanking a food service worker, waving at 25 people, drawing pictures and giving them to someone in their community. One class gathered supplies and made goody bags which were then delivered to essential workers in the community. All totaled, the students were able to complete 564 acts of kindness as part of this year’s challenge. As a result of their efforts, Full Circle has been designated as a Kids for Peace Kindness Certified School.

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“The Great Kindness Challenge is one of my favorite events here at Full Circle,” said Judy Chambliss, Full Circle upper elementary teacher. “It isn’t big and splashy like a holiday event. Rather, it is a time when we reflect upon and refocus our efforts on creating a kinder school, home, and community through simple and intentional acts of kindness. There is real power in being kind. It touches hearts in a way that makes it contagious. When we do kind things for others, we see the impact and want to do more. It also inspires and encourages others to pay that kindness forward.” To learn more about the Great Kindness Challenge contact the school at www.fullcircleschools.com or email jchambliss@fullcs.org.