Honoring nurses in a big way

Published 5:41 pm Saturday, April 2, 2022

J.R. Tharpe Trucking in collaboration with Walmart held an event to honor nurses on Friday, March 25 in front of Centra Southside Community Hospital in Farmville.

Lisa Tharpe, who helps her husband’s company, J.R. Tharpe Trucking, with the company’s marketing explained “we are especially proud of our new nurse’s dump truck. Our cancer awareness trucks have been so popular in the past and we’ve had great events in the community with them honoring the many affected by cancer. During our “Truck a Day” campaign on Facebook this month, spotlighting the various themed trucks, Jackie Garrett who is RN Supervisor at Centra Southside Community Hospital commented on our pink cancer truck, that we should do a nurse’s truck. We were so excited about that great suggestion, that we designed this beautiful teal truck very quickly in honor of Nurses. It was perfect timing.”

J.R. Tharpe Trucking brought the big teal truck honoring nurses to the event and nurses were encouraged to sign the truck. Walmart donated cupcakes, doughnuts, bottled water and a $100 gift card.

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Tim Tharpe, owner and president of J.R. Tharpe Trucking is also a member of the Board of Directors at Centra. Tim said “partnering with worthy groups like Centra to help support medical staff is a wonderful way to have fun in this business and spread happiness and cheer. Celebrating Centra staff is even more important to me as a board member at the hospital as I know firsthand what this staff endures on a daily basis. They deserve many accolades.”

Felicia Taylor a nurse in Dr. Bikram Bal’s office was the lucky winner of the gift card. Dr. Bal’s team came out for pictures in matching shirts to celebrate March as National Colon Cancer Awareness Month.