Area graduate publishes book

Published 12:48 pm Thursday, April 28, 2022

There is a quiet transition taking place as approximately 50,000 teens with autism move to adulthood each year. In recent years, the burgeoning adult autistic population has created unprecedented challenges for countries worldwide. The four primary areas of concern related to autistic adults are employment, housing, health care and financial planning. Due to a combination of factors, many adults with autism have struggled with adapting to daily activities in society.

We have a group of uniquely talented adults who simply don’t fit into a world not designed to accommodate those with neurological differences. In his new book, Mount Up With Wings, author George D. Williams explores the need to integrate autistic talent into mainstream society. Further, it is vital that society learns to live and work with the autism community. 

According to autism author and animal behaviorist, Temple Grandin, “By cultivating the autistic mind on a brain-by-brain, strength-by-strength basis, we can reconceive autistic teens and adults in jobs and internships not as charity cases but as valuable, even essential, contributors to society.”

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Ultimately we all share the responsibility of embracing autistic adults along the journey to equality. It will take a collaborative effort from the global community to implement changes needed to reach inclusivity in the purest sense. George D. Williams states, “The urgency to make this happen is upon us now as the plight of future generations depends on the decisions we make today.”

George D. Williams currently lives in Denver, CO, and is committed to the needs of autistic adults serving as an author and speaker. George is a graduate of Prince Edward County High School and Virginia Commonwealth University. His new book, Mount Up With Wings is available at Amazon.Com and Barnes & Noble in print and digital formats. For additional information, visit